My favourite vehicles


I love the mini, the first one and it has also been named the most favourite car of Great Britain and this is 50+ years after it first was delivered here in England. Second in the recent survey was the McLaren F1, which is an an amazing super car, there is no 2 ways about it, a stunning vehicle. and in 3rd place was the E Type Jag and 4th of course it was the good old Range Rover, loved by so many. Lots of footballers and their wives and the like. But it still is an amazing vehicle.

So amongst all these amazing cars over the years, the mini came out on top and quite right, it is quite an iconic vehicle and loved literally by millions. When it was first introduced, it was liked by celebrities, mums and a broad range of people.

It was launched in 1959 and it was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. there were over 5 million sold over the 40 years, so it wasn’t surprising it topped the charts. The other cars are amazing but don’t hold the charm or the iconic status of the mini.


The McLaren F1 is a true supercar and loved by true drivers and the E Type Jag often tops the charts for beautiful cars. And the good old Range Rover is still a mark of style after all these years.


The mini was a great design and beyond its years as well as being a symbol of Great Britain.


The new mini built by BMW is also a great car and bigger than the original mini. It drives well but the old mini was a real first for so many things, it was great to drive, low centre of gravity and cheap to keep going. And I know former owners still cherish their beloved mini and wish they had the space and kept it.

In this particular list Lotus was the most popular manufacturer and had 7 of its cars in the top 100, while Ford and Jag had 6 cars. And Aston Martin had 5.

I also love American cars, i love the big ones, the Hummer is an amazing vehicle and some of the limousines that turn up in the UK are spectacular. Very American and at times impractical on our smaller roads.

Other vehicles close to my heart was my first car, an old Ford Escort 1300 E,  I loved that car. And of course my good old Ford Capri 1.6s, complete with furry dice.